Hygie innovates again, launching new products for outdoor and travel hygiene

Hygie is already recognized as the leading Manufacturer of specialty products limiting the spread of bacteria, such as C. difficile, in hospital settings. Now, in response to growing demand, we are proud to introduce our new line of products for outdoor and travel hygiene. Designed to meet the needs of today's families, this new line is currently available in pharmacies as well as outdoor and travel stores.

For car rides with the kids, hiking, trekking, camping in national parks, or long backpacking journeys into the unknown—no matter what your adventure, the right product can add comfort to these memorable moments. Our new line includes the Pre-moistened Wash Glove, which requires no water for quick and thorough cleansing—even in the middle of the woods. The GO PEE Urinal Kit includes a support and urinal bags with absorbent pads, so men and women can pee no matter where they are without any mess. GO VOM, a disposable bag with absorbent pad, is ideal for managing motion sickness in cars, planes or boats. These new products are simple to use and can help you avoid unpleasant situations, making your life easier!

Hygie President, Eric Tanguay explains, "We are very proud to launch these new products. The dedicated work, research and innovation that went into the development of this new line has made it possible for us to offer our customers hygiene solutions specifically tailored to travel and the outdoors. With these new products, we hope to provide our customers with the same efficiency and ease of use that Hygie and our health care products are known for!”

Go Pee - Go Vom