Hygie’s commitment to sustainable development


Since our company was first founded, Hygie has considered it fundamental to move beyond simply maintaining environmental integrity to improving it by actively contributing to sustainable development.

The Hygienic Covers are made from a rich mixture of high quality, recycled polyethylene resins. They are very resistant and offer an inscreased level of hygiene.

All Hy21 Supports from Hygie, such as the Bedpan Support, the Vomit Support and the Urinal Support are made entirely of durable and recyclable polypropylene plastic.

The super absorbent pads are made from 100% recycled material. No chloride, no aluminum, no alcohol and no perfume.

Packaging and shipping boxes are made from recycled paper and water-based ink. 100% recyclable.

Our belief in sustainable development

Hygie wants to ensure quality of life for present and future generations—that’s why our products are recycled or recyclable. We subscribe to government policies that promote social equity and economic health by creating an economy based on innovation as well social and ecological responsibility. More than a passing fad, sustainable development is a commitment—an approach to management and a way of life!